7-Year-Old Starts Recycling Company to Save Marine Lives

You may not believe it, but a mere child by the name Ryan has decided to start his own recycling company and he is already doing great at it. This 7-year-old had the dream of venturing into plastic recycling as early as when he was just about 3 years old; that was in 2012. He went along with his parents to the local recycling center that was located in Orange County, California, his locality, and this was when he made up his mind to go into recycling.

And what is his reason for choosing this path? He wants to save the world from the scourge of green house effect and also want to save for college. This sounds more like killing two birds with a stone. Ryan has his recycling website through which he links up with his teeming customer, which are also members of the public in his orange county locality.

How did he get so many clients patronizing him? he decided to hand out empty plastic bags to all the neighbors and pleaded with them to save their plastics for him in the empty bags for him to pick up. It was not long before his customers increased in number. After collecting the filled bags from the neighbors, he would sort them and separate tin and glass materials from plastic. He would them convey his sorted baggage down to the recycling center.