Businesses Can Drive the Transition to a Sustainable Economy

With the historic climate change agreement endorsed by nearly 200 nations last month in Paris, which OdikaOdi attended as spectators,the focus on sustainability across the globe has never been stronger. We all should be encouraged by the willingness of world leaders to make commitments for action on climate change.

Even with this landmark accord, climate change isn’t something governments alone can address. As leaders from across society gather in Davos, Switzerland, next week for the World Economic Forum annual meeting, it’s essential that businesses also play a key role in creating a sustainable planet for generations to come.

Business leaders recognize this responsibility, as evidenced by the commitments President Obama has secured from 154 U.S. companies, most with global footprints, for the White House’s American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Within the business community, the financial services sector is in a unique position to help achieve climate change goals. By providing the necessary financial and intellectual capital, they can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

It is the mission of OdikaOdi to bring this new thinking to Africa via Nigeria. Africa needs to Change its thinking if it is to change its destiny.

Wind Poswer
Carbon Footprint A Wind Farm in the Gobi Desert

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