OdikaOdi and sasrai Movement Partner to Advocate for Climate Action at UNEP

OdikaOdi Executive announced yesterday that the NGO has entered into a strategic partnership with Sasrai Movement, based in Bangladesh, to advance and promote the Climate Change / Action Agenda at UNEP level.

During talks between OdikaOdie’s President Nnamdi Chukwu and the Farid Uddin Akhter  Secretariat In-charge Sasrai-Movement it was agreed that the two organisations would share resource and assist each other where appropriate in the their individual and collective efforts at UN level to advance the Environment / Climate Change agenda.

Sasrai-Movement  has worked voluntarily since 2004 across the globe in promoting sustainable consumption and conservation, and optimum use of resources.

Mr Farid Akhter commented that he looked forward to a constructive exchange of ideas between the two organisations given that the Sasrai- Movements long term goal to mobilise each individual, family, community and institution  to Combat Climate Change, global-warming ,food, fuel and water poverty. was totally in line with those of OdikaOdi.