!!!oya2Reporting today from Odikaodi’s HQ  in Umuahia Nigeria Executive Director(ED)Emmanuel Ugochukwu announced today the launch of the NGO’s latest initiative which is to be called OYA  -Odikaodi Youth Academy.

The Academy will focus on Personal Development and Business Development.

Mr Ugochukwu went on to say, “The Academy is setting it self a very challenging target of incubating and launching 100 start-ups by the year 2020.This means that we need to assist 25 members a year between now an the year 2020 to take their business idea to launch. We also plan on helping members of OYA to source seed capital and where consistent with  he NGOs strategic aims will partner with our members in their business ideas”

If you have a business idea that you would like considered for incubating make contact now via In-Box or email:odikaodi.info@gmail.com

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