Impact Carbon, Africa and global Catalysing the growth of the stove market

Across the developing world, small businesses are selling life-saving technologies like cleaner cookstoves that reduce indoor air pollution, and water treatment systems. Many of them need help to achieve their potential. Impact Carbon recognised that these technologies cut greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore could generate carbon finance income. By accessing and using carbon finance, Impact Carbon is able to work closely with small businesses to help them grow and expand their markets, thus making the technologies more affordable and accessible for the people who want to buy them.

Impact Carbon works in East Africa, China and other parts of the world. Uganda is its biggest market, where the five stove businesses it works with have dramatically increased sales and capacity: for example, the country’s biggest stove manufacturer has increased sales from 200 a month in 2007 to more than 10,000 a month in 2013.

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