Rhoda Wilson Production LTD confirmed as sponsors of OdikaOdi’s, Africa Landmark Challenge

The award-winning television presenter and producer – of the soon to be aired TV series “Housewives and Girlfriends”, on Africa Magic TV channel  -Rhoda Wilson has has today confirmed that her production company Rhoda Wilson Production will coming on board as Bronze sponsors of the OdikaOdi “Africa Landmark Challenge” event which will launch on April 22, Earth Day in Umuahia Nigeria.

Ms Wilson who has rightly been described as “Confident, sultry and attractive.” is originally from Nigeria, has extensive experience in TV presenting and mentioning to individuals who aspire to be the best.

Formally host of her own very popular weekly television show,The Rhoda Wilson Show on BEN TV,which regularly had viewing figures of about 1,300,000 per show Rhoda has said that her success, among other factors can be accredited to the early advice of her father who told her that women would one day change the world. In this the month of “International Women’s Month” you could say it was appropriate advice.

Rhoda’s exceptional work was recognized in 2009 when she won the “Best TV Presenter” at the BEFFTA Awards in London.

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