Cherry CoCo -,Sponsors of the African Landmark Challenge – Announce Winner of Valentine Comp

Cherry Jumbo CEO of Cherry Co Co Luxury Skin Care Cosmetic today announced the winner of their their bumper Valentines competition ascoco  Ms  Audrey Campbell who received £100 worth of Luxury Skin care Products .

Founded by a Cosmetic Scientist with a passion for natural wellness, herb lore and environmental health. Cherry Coco is committed to reviving and creating products made using natural raw unprocessed ingredients and hand made elixirs that rejuvenate from the outside in.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, our first defense. Its functionality is to protect us and the better we care for it the better it looks, feels and performs.  We believe in creating products for maintaning and improving skin health.

As more evidence surfaces of nature’s potent healing abilities there is also greater understanding of the mind -body connection that is possible through botanical scent. Essential knowledge lives on in the apothecary traditions of Europe, native herbal medications and herb lore of ancient African countries.We produce small batches to ensure product freshness, each item is lovingly handmade using only the highest quality oils and wild harvested ingredients.

 We are committed to creating unique products that beautify the skin, are pure, kind and effective without the use of harmful chemicals or preservative systems.Cherry Coco hand picks and selects ingredients that are sustainable and kind to our environment refuting ingredients such as silicones which are non biodegradable.

Our botanical and natural soaps are all plant oil based, though made without the inclusion of endangered palm oil. Our soaps are all manufactured using the cold process method and retain their natural moisturising glycerine content.

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